The Self-Supported Ethos

You are responsible for yourself.

You are on your own. You accept responsibility for your preparation, choices, and outcome. Solo events will utilize GPS navigation. GPS is a mandatory gear item. All participants will be expected to pass a gear check prior to the race. Road rules apply, you will not find happy smiling volunteers stopping traffic. In case of emergency dial 911.

We’re not trying to scare you. You can do this. We’re not trying to brag about how hard it’s going to be. We want you to be prepared. Self-supported races like The Crusher will push you out of your comfort zone, require you to be responsible for you, remove excuses, teach you to be resourceful, and in the end more self-reliant. The skills we develop at self-supported events make us better parents, employees, and partners.

225-mile participants can pay for the supported event package at registration that includes a tracking beacon from Trackleaders, the beacon allows people to track the racer real-time online.