225 Miles

Copper Harbor to Marquette

Download the 225-mile GPX file

Some users and web browsers have issues with GPX files. We will assist in loading onto your GPS unit at Basecamp on Friday night. Until then if you’re having issues call your techy friend who has done this before. This is not the final GPX file and is only a sample, but close enough for scouting, recon and general course knowledge.


You are on your own. You are responsible for your preparation, readiness, choices, and ultimately the outcome. Solo events will utilize GPS navigation. The course is not marked. Required gear lists are provided, may be updated prior to the race, and are considered mandatory. Failure to pass gear check will result in DQ.

Road rules apply across all event categories. Traffic will be active on course. Volunteers WILL NOT be posted at trail or road crossings. Be alert. You’re signing up for an Adventure. In an emergency, dial 911.

We’re not trying to scare you or brag about how hard the day will be. We want you to understand what you signed up to do. We want you to understand the penalty for underestimating the challenge, or poor planning. Both could result in undesired consequences.

You can do this. CRUSH your comfort zone.


Copper Harbor to Marquette. You, a couple hundred friends, and the wild U.P. In our opinion, a better day on the bike does not exist. As of this update (February 27, 2019), we’ve provided a “concept route” and “concept GPX-file”. We recommend you follow our Facebook page, and occasionally check back here for updates to the map and/or GPX-file.


You will be provided a booklet in lieu of a number plate. Traditional race plates are dead to us. Think of your passport as your number plate. DO NOT LOSE IT. You’ll be required to show it at checkpoints, and at the finish line. The passport will contain helpful information such as: required gear checklist, the rules, course information, bail point information, and more.


This is your basecamp: Trails End Campground, Copper Harbor, Michigan.

We have reserved enough sites for everyone. Sites can be claimed on a first come-first serve basis. Please be advised, we will all need to share space and campsites with each other. A minimum of two tents per site will be required to fit everyone, if you’re bringing a trailer, you will need to figure out where to put it. Race HQ will be run out of the 906 Adventure Team trailers.

Your camping has been paid for. If you feel guilty, donate to our youth programs.

If you paid for the supported package:

We will shuttle you and your bike to Copper Harbor. The shuttle will run one time on Friday. We recommend planning to be in town Thursday night or early FRIDAY morning. We plan to shuttle out of Marquette early in the morning. Exact time TBD. Tracking beacons will be given to you Friday night, along with your passport. Saturday morning you’ll put your camping gear on a trailer and we’ll shuttle it back to Marquette.

If you paid for the unsupported package:

You will get yourself to Copper Harbor. Find us at Trails End. Set camp. Get your passport. Get ready.


CHECK-IN (PACKET PICKUP): Friday night, Trails End Campground, Copper Harbor, Michigan

GEAR CHECK: Friday night, Trails End Campground, Copper Harbor, Michigan

RACE START: Saturday morning, 5:30AM, Trails End Campground, Copper Harbor, Michigan

CHECKPOINTS: TBD. We plan to provide (3) mandatory on-course checkpoints. Stay tuned.

SATURDAY CUT-OFF: If you have not left the L’anse checkpoint by 10:00PM you are DQ.

EVENT CUT-OFF: 36-Hours from the Saturday start, must meet the Saturday cut in Lanse.


  • GPX-files will be provided by the event prior to race day.
  • The course IS NOT MARKED.
  • Cell service is unreliable, if not impossible.


Many racers will arrive in the U.P. with family and friends planning to serve as a support team. We encourage this activity, but please be advised we are working on and will issue some guidelines intended to manage where and when support can be provided. The most likely answer will be in one of the three predetermined checkpoints. Stay tuned for more information on the topic.